Weather - Pemberton, Canada

Observed on: Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 6:27 AM PDT

Current Conditions

6:27 AM
  • Barometric Pressure:101 kPa
  • Pressure Tendency:Rising
  • Feels Like:8°C
  • Dew Point:3°C
  • Humidity:82%
  • Winds:N 0 km/h
  • Visibility:14 km
  • Precipitation:0.0 mm
  • UV Index:Low
  • Cloud Cover:91%
  • Observed:6:27 AM

Tuesday Forecast

Cool with periods of rain
Day Time
Cool with periods of rain
  • Temp:11/6°C
  • Rain:11.4 mm
  • Winds:6 km/h
Occasional rain and drizzle
Night Time
Occasional rain and drizzle
  • Temp:11/6°C
  • Rain:1.8 mm
  • Winds:6 km/h

Extended Forecast

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Rain at times High: 11°C
Low: 5°C
Rain at times
Chilly with occasional rain High: 10°C
Low: 2°C
Chilly with occasional rain
Cloudy and chilly with a couple of showers High: 8°C
Low: 2°C
Cloudy with showers around
Occasional rain and drizzle in the morning; otherwise, cloudy and chilly High: 8°C
Low: 1°C
Rain and drizzle in the a.m.
Cloudy and chilly with a couple of showers possible High: 8°C
Low: 2°C
A couple of showers possible

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